Francesco Corrado

Head of Cybersecurity Italia, Ferrero

Francesco Corrado is a seasoned professional specializing in Cybersecurity, Audit, Digital Transformation, and Risk & Compliance. With extensive international experience in consulting for top-tier financial and industrial groups, Francesco has consistently demonstrated his expertise in navigating the intricate landscape of digital security and transformation. Throughout his career, Francesco has held global management positions, each marked by escalating responsibilities. He has achieved remarkable success in executing large-scale global programs, where have played a pivotal and strategic role in define Cybersecurity Strategies and Operational models and facilitating digital transformation within both IT and OT (Operational Technology) environments especially within the context of Industry 4.0.

Francesco is currently leading Cybersecurity in Ferrero Italia. Here, he not only fortifies the organization's digital defenses but also champions the idea that cybersecurity, when approached strategically, can enhance business operations and opportunities, becoming one of the main enablers of it. Furthermore, Francesco holds the position of Advisory Board Member for Cybersecurity & Data Privacy at Osservatori Digital Innovation (Politecnico di Milano).