Francesco Palmieri

Full Professor of Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, Member of the Italian NREN Advisory Committee, Director of Advanced Networking Technologies Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, University of Salerno

Francesco Palmieri is a Full Professor at the Computer Science Department of the University of Salerno, Italy, where he directs the Advanced Networking Technology Laboratory. He is currently responsible for the Cybersecurity and IoT courses for the Master Degree and for the Computer Networks course for the Degree in Computer Science. His research interests include advanced networking protocols and cybersecurity. He significantly contributed to the development of the Internet in Italy as a senior member of the Technical-Scientific Advisory Committee and of the CSIRT of the Italian NREN GARR. He has published a large number of papers in leading technical journals, books and conferences, as well he currently serves as the editor-in-chief and in the editorial board of several top-class international journals. In his activity, he has been involved, by also assuming strategic roles, in several national and international research and network development projects. Finally, he participated to several technology transfer initiatives also involving leading companies operating in the networking and security sectors.