The criminal justice action in Europe and beyond – A collection of good stories – Francesco Cajani

Cybercrime poses significant challenges to criminal justice authorities worldwide, especially due to the increasing scale and quantity of criminal conducts, their cross-border nature, the increasing use of anonymization techniques and the need to properly handle electronic evidence, often stored in the cloud. Nevertheless, thanks to the application of existing instruments for international cooperation, there have been in the recent period several remarkable strikes against cybercrimes in EU. Panelists will be invited to share their relevant experience, presenting three notable cases that have been solved through complex investigations and international cooperation. In the debate that will follow, perspectives on the future will be discussed, including what could be done – from a practitioners’ point of view – to increase the effectiveness of criminal justice action.

FRANCESCO CAJANI, Sostituto Procuratore della Repubblica presso il Tribunale di Milano e punto di contatto italiano per Eurojust in relazione alla criminalità informatica

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